January 2011

How Our Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmers Work

CookTek’s innovative drop-in induction buffet warmers use induction technology to keep food warm at the buffet table. Induction heating involves an electromagnetic current that generates energy, which excites the iron molecules in the pan, and releases that energy in the form of heat. With our induction heating technology and buffet warmers, food is kept warm with precise, consistent heat – improving safety, quality and customer experience.

Induction Cooking: The Basics

Induction cooking technology allows busy commercial kitchens to cook and serve food quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the dish. But what exactly is induction cooking, and how is it different from traditional gas or electric cooktops? Below, get the basics on induction cooking technology.

Taking a Closer Look at Induction Insulated Food Delivery Bags

Insulated food delivery bags keep customers satisfied, bringing fresh, hot food orders to their door every time. But what’s the magic behind induction  delivery bags, and how do they work? Here, we’ll examine the main components of CookTek® induction food delivery systems.

How Our Commercial Induction Cooktops Work

CookTek’s commercial induction cooktops are built to survive even the busiest back-of-house kitchens, offering flexible designs and portability that fit the needs of any professional chef. What makes induction cooking superior to more traditional cooking methods, such as gas or electric? It’s all in how our commercial induction cooktops work.

CookTek Pizza Delivery Equipment: Meet the Main Players

When we say CookTek induction technology is changing the way you cook, serve, and deliver food, we’re not just limiting you to the kitchen or the front of the house. With CookTek pizza delivery equipment, delivery staff can serve fresh, hot, quality food right to the customers’ front doors. Our Pizza Thermal Delivery System (PTDS) consists of three basic components. Take a closer look at the main players below.