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Discover CookTek's MSP Induction Stock Pot Range

Busy commercial kitchens must overcome the challenge of fulfilling high-volume food orders efficiently without sacrificing quality. Rushing through the cooking process can lead to dishes that are undercooked, cold and mediocre. Fortunately, advanced cooking technology helps speed traditional cooking methods while still maintaining the integrity of the food. CookTek’s MSP Free Standing Large Induction Stock Pot Range is designed and built to fit seamlessly in the toughest commercial kitchens, heating food quickly and precisely for exceptional meals and quality service.

5 Savory Benefits of CookTek Commercial Induction Cooking

Our Heritage line of commercial induction cooktops outperforms the competition and helps restaurants and hospitality operations run more efficiently and bring customers back. Key benefits of our induction cooking systems include –

Why Choose Induction Cooking

Induction cooking involves the production of an electromagnetic current to excite iron molecules in the pan and release heat energy evenly to the pan’s contents. With advanced induction cooktops and products, professional cooks can use induction cooking for an overall improved kitchen that produces quality food and service. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of induction cooking and CookTek induction cooking products.

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Powerful, Efficient and Cost-Effective Induction Cooking

At CookTek, we provide innovative cooking solutions to cooks and foodservice professionals across the globe. While cooking quality food requires a great deal of talent, passion and creativity, professional chefs, hospitality directors and hot food delivery establishments must also have durable, long-lasting tools and cookware to bring their ideas to perfection. Our induction cooktops are faster, safer and cleaner than traditional gas and electric ranges, contributing to a cooler and more cost-effective kitchen.