How Our Commercial Induction Cooktops Work

January 18, 2011

CookTek’s commercial induction cooktops are built to survive even the busiest back-of-house kitchens, offering flexible designs and portability that fit the needs of any professional chef. What makes induction cooking superior to more traditional cooking methods, such as gas or electric? It’s all in how our commercial induction cooktops work.

The Technology: Our commercial induction cooktops heat the pan directly and cook food evenly, consistently and efficiently. The cooktop generates an alternating electromagnetic current, which passes through the base of the pan and excites the iron molecules. These molecules then release the energy in the form of heat, cooking food to perfection. Cooks can control heat with easy to use controls and power settings.

The Benefits: Induction cooking technology offers a superior method of cooking. By heating the pan directly, the surface of the cooktop remains relatively cool to the touch. This reduces burns and injuries in the kitchen, while minimizing tough cleanup jobs caused by burnt-on spills. The powerful cooktops have the capability to boil water faster than traditional gas ranges, while offering precise control for low, consistent simmers. This versatility enhances the cooking experience, allowing cooks to produce high-quality food even faster for unmatched service. Finally, CookTek’s commercial induction cooktops are a greener alternative to gas and electric ranges, wasting less energy and lowering utility bills significantly.

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