Induction Cooking: The Basics

January 25, 2011

Induction cooking technology allows busy commercial kitchens to cook and serve food quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the dish. But what exactly is induction cooking, and how is it different from traditional gas or electric cooktops? Below, get the basics on induction cooking technology.

  • How Induction Cooking Works: While traditional gas and electric cooktops heat pans indirectly by generating heat to the cooking unit and the air around it, induction cooking heats the pan directly through electromagnetic current. The energy passes through the base of the pan, exciting iron molecules and releasing heat. This method of cooking offers precise, even heating for quality food, and contributes to a safer, cleaner and cheaper kitchen.
  • Improving Foodservice: Induction cooking is changing the way food professionals cook and serve food. With the ability to simmer sauces at consistent temperatures, boil water in just seconds, and deliver hot, fresh food right to customers’ doors, induction heating technology provides enhanced experiences for cooks and diners alike. In addition, induction cooktops heat the pan only, remaining relatively cool to the touch for safer, cleaner and greener kitchen operations.
  • CookTek Induction Cooking Products: CookTek is committed to providing quality induction cooking equipment that is built to last. Our durable designs fit seamlessly into any workspace, creating flexible kitchens that cook food quickly and keep food warm. Front-of-house induction products include counter top cooktops and sleek buffet warmers. Induction equipment for heavy-duty commercial kitchens includes commercial induction ranges and induction stock pot ranges. CookTek also offers advanced heated delivery systems that keep food fresh and hot from the kitchen to the front door.

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