An Induction Fajita Warmer Heats Up Dining Satisfaction

February 7, 2011

Superior food deserves presentation that sizzles. CookTek’s FaHeater™ Induction Fajita Warmer keeps food hot from the cooktop to the table, keeping customers satisfied and impressed by quality food and service. Plates for steaks, vegetables, fajitas and more can be preheated quickly, maintaining that straight-from-the-skillet quality that diners expect when eating out.

  • Quality Food: When people go out to eat, the last thing they want is food served to the table cold and tired, especially foods that are known for their piping-hot appeal, such as fajitas. Induction fajita warmers preheat serving plates so that even in the time it takes to plate the food and bring it to the table, the dish never loses its sizzle.  
  • Efficient Service: The CookTek induction fajita warmer is fast. It features three time settings – 25, 45 and 70 seconds – so that users can preheat dishes according to the skillet sizes and skillet-served products. This fast heat-up time makes it easier to rotate platters, improving kitchen operations and freeing up space in ovens and on burners for quicker service.
  • Increased Safety: A hot, cluttered kitchen with open flames and exposed electrical heating coils increases the risk of burns and injuries. With induction heating technology, the induction fajita warmer does not emit any ambient heat, and its compact design keeps kitchen counters clean and clear.

With quality food, efficient service and increased kitchen safety, the fajita warmer certainly heats up dining satisfaction and changes the way you serve food!

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