Our Double Induction Cooktop Improves Restaurant Versatility and Function

February 24, 2011

CookTek’s double induction cooktop boasts versatility and flexibility, with the ability to improve quality, service, safety and energy efficiency in your restaurant. Below, discover how the double induction cooktop enhances the cooking, serving and dining experience.

  • Quality: By using induction technology, our double induction cooktop improves the quality of food. Induction uses electromagnetic current to distribute energy directly to the pan, delivering heat evenly to help you prepare your food. Without the hot and cold spots of traditional gas and electric cooktops, foods are brought to the table more consistently cooked throughout.
  • Service: Induction cooks food faster than traditional methods of cooking, improving service without sacrificing quality. The smooth, sleek design of the double induction cooktop allows for efficient front-of-house cooking, often used for omelet bars or fajita stations, and offers speedy cooking right in front of the guests.
  • Safety: The double induction cooktop is safe to use. Induction heats the pan itself, not the air or the unit, so that the cooktop’s surface remains relatively cool to the touch. With no open flames or exposed electric coils, the double induction cooktop is safer for use both in the kitchen and in the dining area.
  • Energy: CookTek’s induction cooking products are 90-95% efficient – unlike traditional gas or electric methods, which deliver only a small fraction of energy generated to the pan. By wasting less energy, kitchens that use CookTek equipment become cleaner, greener, cooler and cheaper.

For more information about CookTek’s advanced induction cooking products, including buffet warmers and pizza delivery systems, visit www.CookTek.com.