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July 30, 2010

Powerful, Efficient and Cost-Effective Induction Cooking

At CookTek, we provide innovative cooking solutions to cooks and foodservice professionals across the globe. While cooking quality food requires a great deal of talent, passion and creativity, professional chefs, hospitality directors and hot food delivery establishments must also have durable, long-lasting tools and cookware to bring their ideas to perfection. Our induction cooktops are faster, safer and cleaner than traditional gas and electric ranges, contributing to a cooler and more cost-effective kitchen. Our pizza delivery and hot food delivery systems are second to none.

Here at the CookTek Blog, we’ll provide you with the ins and outs of induction cooking.

  • Find out how induction cooking works, and why it is better than traditional gas or electric cooktops.
  • Get details on sustainable cooking solutions, learn how to make your kitchen energy-efficient, and reduce your utility bills.
  • Read CookTek product reviews, and get the latest industry news on all things induction and foodservice.
  • Explore a whole new way of cooking that will improve the way you serve food. Whether you run a fine dining establishment or a large hotel service, once you are familiar with induction cooking and have discovered the CookTek difference, cooking will never be the same again.

The Induction Revolution is finally here! Join us in our efforts to create cooking solutions that not only improve food, but contribute to an overall enhanced cooking, serving and dining experience. We understand that your needs are unique, and only through connecting with our customers can we provide unparalleled products that deliver every time. From induction cooktops and woks, to buffet warmers and hot food delivery systems, count on CookTek for superior performance.