The Induction Revolution

You've probably heard about it. Maybe even seen it before at a trade show ... that cool-looking, glass-surfaced induction cooktop that boiled water faster than you could say, "How much does it cost?" But after the water boiled and the salesman did the spiel, the question of cost still remained.

Let's face it: high-powered, commercial-grade induction cooktops have just been too expensive...until now.

The Commercial Induction Cooker Revolution is Here!

CookTek is proud to introduce you to our robust line of cost-effective, commercial induction cooking systems. From the ground up, our professional-grade induction cookers and warmers are designed, engineered and manufactured to withstand everything a commercial kitchen can throw at them. Every electrode, diode, screw, nut and bolt - even the faceplate - was created for the commercial kitchen.

But we didn't stop there. Browse our site to learn more about our American-made, induction ranges and cooking systems, and how they can improve many aspects of your professional kitchen.