CookTek Equipment Featured in Boston Globe Article on Barbara Lynch

June 9, 2008

Chicago, IL - The Boston Globe's Joe Yolan reports on use of induction cooking from one of Barbara Lynch's famous Boston restaurants.

In the film, both Joe and Barbara explain the advantages of induction cooking - most notably, speed, power, control and cool operation.

As can be seen towards the end of film, the cooktops in question are from CookTek - double drop-in (model MC3502F) units.

The video may be viewed here:

Top chefs from around the world choose CookTek.

Barbara Lynch has been described as one of the foremost chefs in America.  A Boston native, she is founder and Executive Chef of the No. 9 Group, which includes "No. 9 Park", "B & G Oysters", "The Butcher's Shop", "Niche Catour", "Plum Produce", and Stir.

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