Cooktek Forms Relationship With Culinary Destination, Alinea

June 10, 2005

CookTek , the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, has partnered with Chicago restaurant Alinea, the latest culinary feat from Chef Grant Achatz. CookTek has outfitted Alinea with induction cooktops for its state of the art kitchen. The mutually beneficial relationship includes innovation, consultation and feedback.

Chef Grant Achatz, who has earned a national reputation for his creative talent, debuted his anticipated restaurant just over a month ago. Alinea opened in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood and is already making waves in the culinary world. The handsome interior reflects the equally elegant and innovative cuisine. Alinea features a degustation menu offered in courses of eight, twelve or twenty seven and presents diners with a multi-sensory experience. The menu changes periodically so the ease and versatility of the induction cooktops adapt well to the kitchen.

In Alinea's kitchen, CookTek's induction cooktops outnumber the gas range twelve to one. Achatz and his staff prefer the accuracy, power and control that induction offers. "Using Cooktek's induction burners allows me not only the speed, precision and control I require, but with no ambient heat coming off the burners, the kitchen stays much cooler than it would with traditional burners firing," says Achatz.

The precision of induction cooking lends itself well to the art of Alinea's cuisine. The delicate, imaginative and provocative dishes have been constructed in such a way that the very process and presentation is just as important as the cuisine itself. Induction technology provides a very controlled heat while also allowing for rapid processing. This is essential in Alinea's kitchen where the courses and cooking stations must operate swiftly and flawlessly. Induction serves as a tool for the precision and creativity behind the cuisine, but it also positions the kitchen for operational success.

Both Achatz and CookTek find the relationship particularly exciting because both are embarking upon the latest innovation in their fields. "The innovation aspect is the common link," says Achatz. CookTek embraces technology and innovation the same way Alinea does, and both parties enjoy the association. The two approach their work in a similar fashion: striving to produce the greatest product through exploration and innovation; ultimately revolutionizing the core idea.

Working with one of the finest culinary destinations has been rewarding for CookTek and has served as an excellent learning tool. Alinea is doing cutting edge cuisine that can only be matched by the technology CookTek has engineered. Achatz is looking forward to the possibility of future research and development opportunities where new ideas can be shared and developed.

Achatz received his degree from the Culinary Institute of America and has earned several awards including Food and Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs of 2002 and the James Beard Foundation's Rising Star Chef of the Year for 2003. He achieved national acclaim for his work at Trio in Evanston, Illinois, and prior to that he worked under Thomas Keller at Napa Valley's French Laundry.

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