Cooktek Introduces Flagship Line, Apogee

October 14, 2005

CookTek, the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, announced today a new line of cooktops, dubbed Apogee. The highly anticipated release of this new line came just in time for NAFEM, the biennial foodservice industry event, held the past September in Anaheim, California.

The Apogee line consists of a freestanding single hob, a freestanding double hob in both side-to-side and front-to-back configurations, as well as a freestanding wok. Also included in the line is a buffet system, which has automatic temperature control, and can be custom configured in any buffet design. The cooktop units are available in 1800, 2500, 3000 and 3500 watt models, while the buffet is available in an 1800 watt model.

Rising from the company's Heritage line of cooktops, Apogee has taken technology one step further with the latest in enhanced communication. The faceplate has now been upgraded to a sleek, graphic LCD screen and capacitive touch control. The user can now view information and receive feedback in a manner that is easy to operate and understand. The new large-format LCD screen can be seen at a glance--perfect for a busy kitchen.

The capacitive touch user- interface feature provides unprecedented control through the ability to adjust the temperature, power level, or time in single digit increments. Free of any buttons or knobs, this feature allows the user to make a number of selections by the touch of a finger. To increase or decrease any setting, a simple piano slide of the finger upwards or downwards communicates directly to the unit, while giving a digital readout of the command. The control can instantly and precisely follow the movement of your fingertip even though it's sealed and protected under glass - a perfectly flat surface that's also easy to clean. No more moving parts - no more knob to wear out, break-off or lose.

The single and double hob cooktop models feature 100 power cook and temperature settings, while the wok has 100 power cook settings. This precise temperature control provides optimum cooking and can be adjusted as needed. The buffet, designed as a warming device, has 100 temperature settings. Furthermore, all internal functions are self-monitored by a microprocessor. Apogee models also include a built in cooking timer for added convenience.

"Apogee is more than just a pretty face. Apogee is a new, proprietary user-interface control that finally provides the bright personality deserved by our MagnaWave Technology inside, " said Robert Wolters, Jr., President of CookTek. "Every command of your fingertip is displayed on the screen, including cooktop feedback on time and temperature. My Engineers call the new Apogee user-interface "solid state" but I call it solid design. Now you really have a Power Tool for Chefs!"

The Apogee line is a pioneer brand in the future of commercial foodservice products, making the elevated level of communication a new standard. For CookTek, this is a natural next step. The quest for greater communication between product and the user has resulted in unparalleled innovation.

CookTek®, LLC, is a division of The Middleby Corporation (headquartered in Elgin, IL). Founded in 1994, CookTek® is a leading provider of induction cooking and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens worldwide. Utilizing the latest induction technology to offer custom foodservice equipment and supply solutions, CookTek® is dedicated to innovative product development and superior customer service. CookTek® cooktops and heated delivery systems are manufactured in the United States. CookTek’s operations are located in Chicago, IL.

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