Cooktek Partners With Kendall College

May 16, 2005

CookTek, the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, announces its commitment to higher learning. CookTek has partnered with Kendall College, one of the nation's top culinary schools, in a mutually beneficial relationship including consultation, research and development.

CookTek has outfitted Kendall with induction cooktops and associated equipment for use in two pastry kitchens that will serve as the primary teaching facilities for the school's pastry and baking students. Kendall is getting the word out to the new generation of chefs that induction cooking offers benefits that exceed traditional cooking methods. The equipment is ideal because it allows the young chefs to move faster and with the accuracy of temperature control - both essential for pastry cooking.

The response from the students and chefs has been nothing but positive. The ease, consistency, precision and fast heat-up were among the praiseworthy comments. The mobility, instant response time, and the even heat distribution were also admired. Chef Mike Artlip, Instructor and Culinary Arts AAS Chair said, Three words: no open flame". This is especially important in a classroom setting where young chefs are still learning the tools of the trade. Working with one of the finest culinary institutions has been rewarding for CookTek and communication has been an integral part of the relationship. Through classroom use, Kendall has provided CookTek with valuable insight, consultation, and feedback.

Kendall College was founded in 1934 in Evanston, IL., but has relocated its campus to a cutting edge facility in Chicago. The new Riverworks campus was purchased in 2003 with 16 professional kitchens along with unique amenities open to the public including a restaurant. Kendall prides itself on having classrooms that incorporate the most advanced technology available, and can now deliver an exceptional learning experience by teaching the latest culinary trends in state-of-the-art kitchens. Early on in their education, students are exposed to new ideas, products, and techniques. This is all part of Kendall's mission to produce highly skilled creative professionals through a personalized education experience.

Kendall has created trend setters in the culinary world. These students will someday become chefs, owners and future decision makers and are likely to make induction technology present in their kitchens. Like most other technological advances, the concept will flourish. Charles Jones, Vice President of Development and Dean of Students for Kendall College says, I think it will spread, I think it will grow, technology changes the way people do things." He believes there is great potential for this product, both in restaurants and in a number of related industries where the current method often produces less than satisfactory results. Jones feels the best part of the relationship is that Kendall is preparing the next generation of chefs while CookTek is building the products of the future. This parallel goal has been the key strength in the relationship.

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