Cooktek Releases New Heated Meal Delivery System

June 1, 2005

CookTek, the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, announced today the release of its latest product, the Heated Meal Delivery System. The system is designed to keep hot prepared foods at higher safe food holding temperatures, and for longer, for applications such as room service delivery, banquets, on and off-site catering, patient and resident meal service, bulk-food delivery and any other need for transporting hot food. CookTek developed the Heated Meal Delivery system to provide a reliable solution that is easy to implement and delivers quality results. This recent launch signifies the company's ongoing commitment to "change the way the world cooks, serves and delivers food."

The Heated Meal Delivery System exceeds previous conventional heated systems in that it substitutes canned fuel, hot water pans and electrical heated systems, all of which prove to have less than satisfactory results. It is an ideal replacement for these operationally and functionally inept systems and solves the challenges of temperature, humidity-level, food quality and ease-of-operation. CookTek uses its proprietary brand of MagnaWave™ induction technology to deliver an exceptional heat source and charging system that is the preferred heated delivery method.

The system uses Radio Frequency Identification technology, or RFID, to allow for automatic and real-time temperature control. This unique technology provides two way wireless communication between the charger and disc via radio frequency. RFID is able to constantly update and store information digitally in regards to temperature and time. The unit will automatically stop charging when the desired temperature is reached. The RFID technology also allows the charger to perform self diagnostic tests 120 times per second and will automatically alert the user if an error should occur. RFID combined with CookTek's MagnaWave™ Induction Technology allows for fast, easy and consistent heating of the disc.

The Heated Meal Delivery System consists of a universal charger and a disc. The portable charger quickly heats the disc in minutes and reheats in less than one minute on average. The result is food will maintain temperatures above 140° F for 30-50% longer, allowing for greater quality control. Meals arrive hot and fresh, order after order. "There is no doubt this system will deliver bottom line results. This product will guarantee improved meal delivery operations and increased revenues, particularly for the hotel industry where room service sales can be directly increased through superior food quality," says Patricia Cleary, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Brand Management for CookTek.

CookTek®, LLC, is a division of The Middleby Corporation (headquartered in Elgin, IL). Founded in 1994, CookTek® is a leading provider of induction cooking and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens worldwide. Utilizing the latest induction technology to offer custom foodservice equipment and supply solutions, CookTek® is dedicated to innovative product development and superior customer service. CookTek® cooktops and heated delivery systems are manufactured in the United States. CookTek’s operations are located in Chicago, IL.

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