Cooktek Releases New Induction Buffet System

November 1, 2005

CookTek, the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, announced today the release of the highly anticipated Buffet System. Rounding out the new Apogee line of cooktops, the Buffet System incorporates Apogee's upgraded features as well as CookTek's SmarTag™ technology. The new buffet system made a recent appearance at the IHMRS show, mid-November in New York.

Dining rooms - be prepared! This new system was designed with ease and precision in mind. CookTek developed this product in response to a growing demand for a safer, more user-friendly dining room experience. This system supersedes all others and is the first to offer exact holding temperatures and higher food quality for a better guest experience.

The buffet system consists of induction surfaces with corresponding chafing dishes that can be dropped into any countertop or serving station. Through the use of CookTek's SmarTag™ (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, the chafing dishes communicate directly with the induction surface for exact temperature holding. This two-way wireless communication provides optimum feedback to the user and ensures the chafing dish is warmed to the optimum temperature. This system offers flexibility to the user where separate, specific holding temperatures can be set for each induction station.

The Buffet System features CookTek's SmarTemp™ technology where over 100 precise temperature settings are available. This information can be communicated through an easy to read, graphic LCD screen. Temperature can easily be adjusted with a slide of the finger through the capacitive touch feature. Together, these attributes provide instant feedback and control at your fingertips.

This system replaces canned fuel, hot water pans, and other inadequate systems. As safety becomes a key concern in dining rooms, the demand for flame-free technology has soared. Without gas or open flame, this system provides the safest and cleanest experience for guests and employees alike. The buffet system also provides ease and minimal clean up - the induction surfaces wipe clean, while the chafing dishes have a separate, removable pan.

This warming system holds and maintains food quality through unprecedented technology, while simultaneously providing an aesthetically appealing solution to a dining room operation. As hotels continue to offer superior amenities to their guests, the Buffet System is a perfect fit for their guests' dining experience.

CookTek®, LLC, is a division of The Middleby Corporation (headquartered in Elgin, IL). Founded in 1994, CookTek® is a leading provider of induction cooking and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens worldwide. Utilizing the latest induction technology to offer custom foodservice equipment and supply solutions, CookTek® is dedicated to innovative product development and superior customer service. CookTek® cooktops and heated delivery systems are manufactured in the United States. CookTek’s operations are located in Chicago, IL.

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