Cooktek Releases New Universal Thermal Delivery System

November 1, 2005

CookTek, the only U.S. manufacturer of induction cooking and heated delivery systems, announced today the release of the new Universal Thermal Delivery System, nicknamed UTDS. Powered by the company's proprietary MagnaWave™ technology, the UTDS' fast charge time, lightweight design and simple use make this start-to-finish delivery system a hot commodity.

A sister product to the company's popular Pizza Thermal Delivery System, the UTDS has taken the heated delivery concept to the next level, with a larger bag designed to hold a limitless array of food delivery options. Whether it's Chinese food, burgers and fries, or fried chicken, the UTDS keeps it piping hot en route to delivery.

The system consists of the charger unit, FlashPak™ disc and thermal bag. Initial charge time for the unit is 4 minutes or less, with a re-charge time of 90 seconds on average. Once the disc has been completely heated, it holds the contents of the bag at an air temperature of approximately 140°F for up to 35 minutes. The thermal bag allows for maximum heat retention and minimum humidity levels, maintaining the food quality intended. The bags are available in a 50 liter and a 32 liter size. Whether it's bulk food delivery or a catering order, the Universal Thermal Delivery System provides the customer with the space and flexibility for any delivery.

The UTDS system charger is equipped with CookTek's SmarTag™ (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The FlashPak™ disc, housed within the delivery bag, is also equipped with matching SmarTag™ technology and syncs with the charger unit to instantaneously collect information. This two way wireless communication provides optimum feedback to the user and ensures the disc has been charged to its full capacity. This technology is expected to revolutionize the heated delivery industry by tracking and storing a variety of data and ensuring quality control.

As more and more foodservice operators make delivery a part of their business, the need for an effective and lasting means of heated delivery has grown. CookTek has developed this product to provide delivery options that are efficient, reliable, and convenient for this growing need. Patricia Cleary, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Brand Management for CookTek said, "With the expanded capability to deliver any and all types of food products, the UTDS will no doubt enhance an operation's ability to provide higher quality food products to their delivery customers. Our customers have been asking for such a product, and CookTek is happy to deliver it to them!"

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