Induction Cooking Innovator CookTek Announces New Three-Year Warranty

January 24, 2011

CookTek, a leading manufacturer of induction cooking, buffet, and delivery solutions now supports their products with a thirty-six month warranty plan.

CHICAGO - CookTek, an induction cooktop manufacturer and supplier, is excited to announce a new warranty policy. Beginning with units manufactured in November of 2010, the warranty has been extended from twelve months to thirty-six months.

“CookTek is confident that we manufacture a quality product,” said Bob Wolters, president of CookTek. “We are excited to be able to offer this kind of support, unmatched in the industry.”

CookTek has been manufacturing induction products since 1995. Induction technology utilizes an electromagnetic field to heat an inducible element directly, and is considered a cleaner, faster, safer and greener cooking or warming method than traditional gas or electric ranges. CookTek’s product line includes induction cooktops and wok units, buffet holding equipment, and induction thermal delivery systems.

The warranty policy has been updated to cover manufactured goods for a period of thirty-six months against defects in manufacturing, and non-manufactured goods for a period of ninety days. In the USA and Canada, CookTek also features a customer-friendly repair process, available for all new units, that swaps out a working unit for a non-working unit to keep down-times to a minimum. The full warranty policy can be found on the CookTek website.

“Our engineering and manufacturing teams have spent the past fifteen years designing and building products that will stand up to the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen,” said Wolters. “From internal component improvements to commercial grade exteriors, CookTek builds products that are designed to last.”


About CookTek®: CookTek®, ( the Chicago-based developer and manufacturer of induction powered equipment for the foodservice industry, is changing the way the world cooks, serves, and delivers food.

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