Induction Chafers

Models: UCG01 / UPCG01

CookTek® induction chafing dishes are available in two sizes 4.8 quart (4.5 liter) and 6.9 quart (6.5 liter). Both induction chafers have glass top and come with an undivided (single) stainless steel insert, as standard. Porcelain inserts are available as optional extras, as are additional stainless inserts. For the larger, 6.9 quart (6.5 liter) version, divided inserts are also available as optional extras, in either porcelain or stainless steel.

The lids feature an ingenious slow-release clutch mechanism. The lids can be made to stay open in the 90° position, close slowly from 90° to about 45°, then accelerate from 45° down to the fully closed position.

A convenient lifter button allows for easy removal of inserts.

Our chafing dishes can be used on other (non-induction) heat sources, on 650 watt drop-in induction buffet warmers by CookTek®, or in conjunction with a Magneeto™ 2 as part of a CookTek® Incogneeto™ under-counter induction buffet warming system.

Features & Benefits

  • Two capacities.
  • Numerous insert options.
  • Each dish includes a spoon holder (optional attachment).
  • Compatible with Magneeto™ 2 for use with Incogneeto™ under-counter induction buffet warmer system.
  • Work on other CookTek® drop in buffet warmers.
  • Dishes can be used on other (non-induction) heat sources.