Silenzio™ Drop-In Induction Buffet Warmer (Square)

Models: B651-D / B652-D

The Silenzio™ drop-in induction buffet warmer by CookTek is ideal for simple, hold-only food warming.

Induction food warming equipment delivers superior performance with greater electrical convenience and overall energy economy.

The Silenzio™ warmers have enough power to maintain consistent buffet holding temperatures.

The tempered glass tops on all drop-in induction buffet warmer models are plain black (with no logos, etc.) in order to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The electronics within the units emit very little heat, so that the design allows for no cooling fan. As a consequence, the buffet warmers by CookTek are “whisper quiet” – important in a buffet dining setting.

Type D models measure 15” x 15" (381mm x 381mm) and offer four temperature settings for use out of the box: 150°F / 165°F / 175°F / and 190°(or 65° / 70°C / 80°C / 90°C). However, a broader range of temperatures is available “behind the scenes,” accessible via the keypad. This range goes from 80°F (for chocolate) to 250°F (for holding baked or fried products).


Features & Benefits

  • Low power design maintains consistent buffet temperatures, yet allows for electrical flexibility.
  • Unobtrusive plain black tempered glass.