SinAqua™ Waterless Induction Buffet Warmer

Models: IHW061-22 / IHW061-24 / IHW062-22 / IHW062-24 / IHW061-34 / IHW062-34 / IHW061-64 / IHW062-64 / IHW061-36 / IHW062-36 / IHW061-66 / IHW062-66

CookTek's SinAqua induction food warmer eliminates water without compromising food quality.  In fact, it improves it.  At the same time, total energy consumption is cut by half or more!

The SinAqua was designed to accommodate Gastornorm or standard hotel pans - either one 1/1, two 1/2, three 1/3, or six 1/6. The system works with any standard magnetic pan, including 18/8 (300 series) stainless steel pans which have been stamped (cold worked) during manufacture.

Three fixed depths are available - IHW06x-22 is 2.5" (64mm) deep; IHW06x-24, IHW06x-34, and IHW06x-64 are 4" (100mm) deep; and IHW06x-36 and IHW06x-66 are 6" (152mm) deep. Different depths should not be mixed in the same application, as pan contact with the unit's temperature sensor is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Holds food in the safe zone without messy water baths
  • Spring-loaded sealed temperature sensor ensures pan contact temperature measurement
  • Two or three individual induction zones (depending on model) with independent controls for each zone
  • Drops in to simple rectangular cut-out in counter top of your choice - stone, stainless steel, wood, etc.
  • Automatic timer commences when pan is inserted into the well.  Hold time is user selectable.  Display flashes when hold time has expired.  Timer can be turned on or off.
  • Simple, clear controls - two per well (front/back)
  • Four preset temperatures.  More accessible with simple key sequence
  • Lock function to avoid unwanted changes
  • Available in 100-130VAC or 200-240VAC
  • 650 watts per induction zone (1.3kW per unit) on two-sensor wells - energy efficient units usually runs at 200-300 watts per zone
  • 600 watts per induction zone (1.8kW per unit) on three- and six-sensor wells