Apogee™ Double Countertop Induction Cooktop

Models: MC2502FG / MC3002FG / MC3502FG

The peerless CookTek Apogee™ double countertop cooktop is our flagship of high quality, portable commercial induction cooktops. They offer kitchen critical enhancements including finer resolution control through 0-100 power settings, a greater number of temperature settings, an intuitive, touch sensitive control panel, digital timer (with alarm only or auto-power off functionality), and keypad lockout to temporarily prevent others from changing cook settings.

The front panel of the Apogee™ double counter top cooktop is smooth, easy-to-clean wipe down tempered glass, with no knobs, dials or buttons to misplace or break. A beautiful, bright, black and white backlit LCD information center displays power setting or target temperature, heating or at temperature status, the timer (when in use), plus a pan indicator showing whether an induction compatible pan is present.

Features & Benefits

  • Three models / three levels of power, front-to-back orientation.
  • Power rating is per position (i.e. MC2502FG offers 2,500 watts per burner.)
  • 200-240VAC only. Worldwide plug options.
  • 0-100 Power settings or 80°F - 500°F (30°C - 260°C) temperature settings.
  • Intuitive, elegant touch sensitive control panel.
  • Bright, backlit LCD cooking information display.
  • Faster than gas. CookTek induction cooktops heat the pan, rather than the air or the unit itself.
  • Safer. No flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source.
  • Cleaner. Since the surface remains cool, spills don’t burn.
  • Cooler. No flame or radiant heat creates a dramatically cooler cooking environment.
  • More economical. Induction cooking is more than 90% efficient. Heat the food Instead of the kitchen!
  • Entela certified, NSF and CE approved.