StepXStep AutoCook Induction Cooktop

Models: AC1800G / AC2500G / AC3000G / AC3500G / AC2502FG / AC3002FG / AC3502FG

The first ever, fully programmable, countertop and drop-in induction cooktop - the StepXStep AutoCook - was designed by CookTek for professional chefs who want the ultimate in control.

The StepXStep AutoCook induction burner is easily programmed by a head chef and can hold up to 64 recipes. Each one walks any user through a recipe precisely and automatically, controlling temperature and cook time at each stage. Induction precision means consistent results in hundreds of locations, cooked by dozens of users with varying cooking abilities. Take the guesswork out of your signature recipes and rest assured that every dish served will be of the same quality.

  1. Easily create recipes using a computer application.
  2. Upload the recipe to the StepXStep.
  3. User selects the recipe.
  4. Recipe is displayed on the LCD screen, step by step.
  5. StepXStep AutoCook quickly heats to the correct temperature for each step in turn.
  6. When one step is complete, unit beeps.
  7. User must press "next" to get to next step in the recipe.
  8. Precise hold temperature prevents overcooking - if the user does not press "next," the unit will go into safe-temperature mode, holding the food product at a safe, warm temperature without overcooking until the user returns to complete the recipe.

Features & Benefits

  • Single burner and front-to-back double burner models available.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Holds up to 64 recipes.
  • Countertop units allow for maximum flexibility in the kitchen.
  • Over 90% energy efficient.
  • Automatic Safe-Temperature mode.
  • USB port for uploading recipes.