Six-Burner Induction Range

Models: MC21006-200

The line of heavy duty, three phase commercial induction ranges by CookTek was designed to fit seamlessly into any existing workspace, provide significant energy cost savings, improve the working environment, and deliver an unparalleled, more precise cooking experience.

The Six-Burner Induction Range was designed to withstand the everyday challenges of a busy, commercial kitchen environment. The surface is made of thick glass-ceramic, and modular burners man that a problem with one cooking position will not affect the others. The top of the range opens like the hood of a car, so that a module can be replaced within minutes for efficient service and maintenance. With overbuilt legs and hefty cast metal control knobs, this induction modular ranges looks, feels and performs just right for professional cooks.

Features & Benefits

  • Square coils make one large heating surface, allowing you to create hot and cool zones.
  • 0-10 Power settings.
  • Simple, familiar-feel control via single rotary knob.
  • Control each burner independently.
  • Cord and plug not included.
  • Crisp, clean red LED bar-graph display shows power level for each burner (hob).
  • Faster than gas. Induction heats the pan, not the air or the unit itself.
  • Safer. No flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source.
  • Cleaner. Because the surface remains cool, spills don’t burn on.
  • Cooler. No flame or radiant heat means a much cooler cooking environment.
  • Cheaper. Induction cooking is over 90% efficient. Heat the food, not the kitchen!
  • ETL certified, NSF and CE approved.