Standard Hi-Power Wok

Models: MWG5000-200

The CookTek high-power Wok gets a boost to 5kW on 3 Phase power - it will boil a cup of room temperature water in about eight seconds!

The glass bowl in CookTek induction woks offer outstanding performance and value for your money. Designed and built in the USA to survive and thrive in the world’s toughest commercial foodservice operating environments, the CookTek high-power wok features simple single knob control and many other benefits for more precise, consistent and quality cooking.

Features & Benefits

44,000 BTU equivalent.
  • 0-20 Power settings.
  • Simple, familiar-feel control via single rotary knob.
  • Crisp, clean red LED display shows power level.
  • Faster than gas. Induction heats the pan, not the air or the unit itself.
  • Safer. No flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source.
  • Cleaner. Because the surface remains cool, spills don’t burn on.
  • Cooler. No flame or radiant heat means a much cooler cooking environment.
  • Cheaper. Induction cooking is over 90% efficient. Heat the food, not the kitchen!
  • Entela certified, NSF and CE approved.