ThermaCube™ Food Delivery System Bags


The ThermaCube™ Food Delivery System Bags are designed for use with CookTek’s ThermaCube™ induction bag chargers.

A ThermaCube™ specific natural convection tray must be ordered for each bag. TCT-PT retain 10% more heat than TCS-PT in order to accommodate the larger bag size.

A typical store installation would comprise of up to 10 complete insulated delivery bags to one charger. Beyond that number, a second charger is usually employed.

In use, a complete bag (with a natural convection tray inside) is placed on the tray of the charger. A red light comes on automatically to indicate that heating is in progress. When the red light turns to green, the bag is ready to use. Simple as that!

From completely cold, it takes up to 3 1/2 minutes to heat a bag. Once there is some residual heat in the bag, re-charge times are much faster – typically about a minute.

Natural convection trays sold separately.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with ThermaCube™ induction bag chargers only.
  • Cordless bags for convenient, efficient delivery.
  • Bag (without natural convection tray) is machine washable.
  • Natural convection tray is submersible for cleaning (not dishwasher safe).
  • Removable Velcro divider to create 2 or 4 interior compartments.
  • Adjustable carrying straps.
  • Keeps food hot for 45 minutes.
  • Two sizes available
    • TCS bags are 13.38" (340mm) deep, 13.38" (340m) wide, and 10.25" (260mm) tall (closed top).
    • TCT bags are 13.38" (340mm) deep, 15.13" (384mm) wide, and 12.75" (324mm) tall (closed top).
  • Both bag sizes fit on the ThermaCube™ charging base.
  • TCT-PT pellet tray assembly carries 10% more heat to accommodate larger bag size.
  • Do NOT mix with Pizza Delivery System parts/equipment.