VaporVent™ 16" (406mm) Pizza Delivery System Bag

Models: STDVV001

The CookTek VaporVent™ 16" (406mm) Pizza Delivery System Bag assembly is designed for use with CookTek’s FlashPak™ Model PTDS 100 and/or Model PTDS 200, 16” (406mm) induction pizza bag chargers.

A FlashPak disc Model PFPD001 must be installed inside each VaporVent™ STDVV001 bag assembly. Each bag assembly is comprised of a tough nylon bag and polycarbonate tray.

A typical store installation would comprise of 10 complete bags to one charger. Beyond that number, a second charger is usually required.

In use, a complete bag (with a disc inside) is placed on the tray of the charger. A red light comes on automatically to indicate that heating is in progress. When the red light turns to green, the bag is ready for use. Simple as that!

From completely cold, it takes just over a minute to heat a bag. Once there is some residual heat in the bag, re-charge times are a matter of seconds.

Each bag can hold three pizzas at over 145°F (63°C) for 45 minutes.

Replacement bags and/or polycarbonate trays are available separately as spares.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with FlashPak™ Model PTDS 100 or Model PTDS 200 16” (406mm) induction bag chargers only.
  • No cords on the bags.
  • Each bag requires Model PFPD001 disc.
  • Keeps pizza hot and crispy for 45 minutes.