Natural Convection Tray

Models: TCS-PT / TCT-PT

The ThermaCube natural convection tray is removable and designed to optimize food temperatures inside the delivery bag. The natural convection tray should be placed at the bottom of the delivery bag, directly under the food being held.

Featuring a polycarbonate outer casing, the natural convection tray is submersible for cleaning but not dishwasher safe. Depending on the type of food and mass to be heated in the delivery bag, the natural convection tray is available in four percentages – 0%, +10%, +25%, and +35%. The difference between the pellet/cage assemblies is the amount of joules of heat stored in each. For example, the +10% has 10% more energy stored in it for larger volumes. Additionally, the +10% natural convection tray takes 10% longer to charge.