High-Power Induction Wok

Commercial Induction High-Power Wok by CookTek

CookTek's high-quality induction Woks take all the heat in busy commercial kitchens! They keep professional cooks cool, with energy efficiency and precise control to deliver quality food in even the toughest kitchens.

The High-Power Induction Wok can boil water in just seconds, with a heavy duty design and glass-ceramic bowl that withstands the rigors of any kitchen. Induction cooking is over 90% efficient, lowering utility bills and contributing to a cheaper, cooler, greener kitchen environment.

The benefits of commercial induction woks by CookTek:

  • Faster than traditional gas for efficient results.
  • Cooking surfaces remain cool, reducing injury and improving cleanup.
  • Heavy duty construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced technology provides greater control and an improved cooking experience.

Contact CookTek today and start changing the way you cook!

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