Invisible Under Counter Mounted System

With advanced heating technology and innovative designs, under counter buffet warmers by CookTek® provide holding accuracy and flexibility while eliminating the awkward clutter of traditional buffet warmers. CookTek’s® invisible under counter mounted induction buffet systems work through stone counters, keeping food warm and fresh in the most unobtrusive way. Now, professional servers and cooks can enjoy sleek, convenient designs in addition to unparalleled heating accuracy.

Discover the benefits of induction buffet warmers by CookTek®:

  • No need to cut or drill holes in your countertop.
  • Works with the Magneeto™ 2 trivet-like device and any induction compatible chafing dish (of suitable diameter).
  • Various temperature and power controls for accurate heating.

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Prepare to be amazed! See your stone counter top “magically” become a heated buffet table with...