Commercial Induction Woks

For reliable, consistent and quality cooking results, professional cooks count on advanced induction heating technology. CookTek® commercial induction woks heat wok pans directly, making cooking times faster than that of traditional gas ranges and significantly improving performance and food. With durable Ceran™ glass bowls and counter top and drop-in options, professional cooks can enjoy the sophisticated benefits of induction cooking while lowering energy consumption and utility bills. Induction cookers by CookTek® are faster, safer cleaner, cooler and cheaper.

Discover the benefits of CookTek® commercial induction woks:

  • Faster cooking times compared to traditional gas ranges
  • No flames, hot coils or other radiant heat source improves safety and cleanup
  • Finer resolution control for more precise and efficient cooking
  • Energy efficiency significantly lowers bills and energy consumption

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