Silenzio™ Induction Buffet Warmers

For quality food to be truly enjoyed, it must be served fresh and warm. Induction buffet warmers by CookTek are engineered with advanced heating technology to keep food warm for long periods of time, with a sleek design that keeps the buffet looking professional and unobtrusive.

With low, consistent heat and no need for cooling fans, The CookTek Silenzio™ induction buffet warmers are quiet, allowing guests to focus on the food, not the food warming equipment!

Discover the benefits of the Silenzio™ induction buffet warmers by CookTek:

  • Low power designs maintain buffet temperatures while allowing for electrical flexibility.
  • Plain black tempered glass tops with no logos keep warmers unnoticed.
  • Various control options for more accurate heating and quality results.

Contact CookTek today and start changing the way you cook!

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