8″ Fry Pan

8″ Fry Pan

List Price: $70.45

CookTek offers the most efficient and powerful cookware in the industry to match up with the most efficient and powerful induction cookers in the industry. Our pan efficiency comes from a perfectly-balanced selection of the following:

  • Premium 18/10 (304 stainless) steel interior reduces food adhesion and staining and protects your culinary creations
  • Generous amounts of 1050 aluminum alloy for unrivaled heat balance and transfer
  • A robust foundation of 18/0 (430 stainless) steel captures virtually 100% of the Eddy current for maximum efficiency and performance

No other tri-ply pan on the market can capture the amount of energy produced by induction and deliver that energy to your culinary creations like CookTek? tri-ply cookware…period. Your search for the best-performing tri-ply cookware with induction is over.

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